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'We believe the power of a community is greater than any one organisation.'


Wellhub uses a holistic, multi-agency approach to support employee wellbeing.  wellhub connects employees to a growing wellbeing community and enables them to access the community’s resources and support through one platform, anytime, on any web-enabled device.

Charitable and non-profit organisations can become wellhub community members and promote their services and support for free to wellhub clients. 

We don’t charge community members for these services.  Instead, organisations pay us to license a customised, client-branded version of the wellhub that:

  • provides relevant, topical, wellbeing information and resources, 
  • unites their internal resources to increase awareness, engagement and impact, 
  • empowers employees to learn about wellbeing and instigate positive behavioural changes within themselves and their work colleagues.

How it works

Once registered as a wellhub community member you can sign into your account and directly promote:

  • wellbeing events you are running, 
  • wellbeing information and video content,
  • any helplines, webchats, support forums, apps, or other digital tools your organisation provides, 
  • any wellbeing support services you offer (free and charged services), 
  • any volunteering opportunities you may have that would be suitable for a working population. 

All promoted content is clearly labelled as belonging to the wellhub community member (with accompanying logo and social media links).

We don’t sell any information or space to advertisers or third-party organisations. The only services promoted within the wellhub are community member services or client in-house services.

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